Robbery is a type of offense which involves the taking or attempting to take anything of value from the care, custody, or control of a person or persons by force or threat of force or violence and/or by putting the victim in fear.  The Uniform Crime Reports Program collects statistics on the number of offenses known to law enforcement, including robbery rates.  This page highlights interesting facts derived from 2012 report.

Which state has the highest robbery rate?

The following interactive heat map shows robbery density across the USA.  Use this map to find which state with the most or least robbery rate.  As you can learn from the map, District of Columbia has the highest robbery rate (638 offenses per 100,000 people), whereas the state with lowest robbery rate is Wyoming (10.6).

Crime Heatmap Color Range

Top 10 States with Lowest Robbery Rate

The table below presents a ranking list of top 10 States with the lowest robbery rate.  As a comparison, population data is provided from 2013 census estimate.  Wyoming, Idaho and Vermont ranked top 3 in this list.  In particular, Wyoming has a very low robbery rate among the states.  For illustration, although Wyoming’s population is not far different to District of Columbia (583K vs 646K), its robbery rate is 64 times less that DC’s rate.

Top 10 States with Lowest Robbery Rate
Rank State Name Population, 2013 est Robbery Rate, per 100K
1 Wyoming 582,658 10.6
2 Idaho 1,612,136 15.2
3 Vermont 626,630 17.9
4 North Dakota 723,393 18.7
5 Montana 1,015,165 19
6 South Dakota 844,877 19
7 Iowa 3,090,416 31.3
8 Maine 1,328,302 31.8
9 New Hampshire 1,323,459 35.7
10 Utah 2,900,872 38.5

Top 10 States with Highest Robbery Rate

District of Columbia, Nevada and Maryland ranked top 3 States with highest violent crime rate.  Data shows that District of Columbia had a particularly high rate.  Comparing it to Nevada (the second highest), DC’s robbery rate is 3.6 times higher than Nevada.

Top 10 States with Highest Robbery Rate
Rank State Name Population, 2013 est Robbery Rate, per 100K
1 District of Columbia 646,449 638.3
2 Nevada 2,790,136 178.3
3 Maryland 5,928,814 172.3
4 Delaware 925,749 162.7
5 Illinois 12,882,135 151.2
6 California 38,332,521 148.6
7 New York 19,651,127 146.4
8 Ohio 11,570,808 132
9 New Jersey 8,899,339 128.4
10 Tennessee 6,495,978 126.5