Are you looking to establish travel cost based on distances for your business or simply planning a trip?

Distance between cities

We have a set of comprehensive distance data which can be used to:

  1. Calculate mileage or driving distances
  2. Find out distance between cities
  3. Pin pointing the exact coordinate of certain place using latitude and longitude lines to determine driving directions and a map of your route

To download all of the distance files and save your time in downloading individual ZIP file, follow instructions below.  Total 2,153,061 records included in the file, which contains fields such as Place Name, State, Longitude, Latitude and Distance to the Capital City.  The distance charts cover majority of places in the USA.  Duplicate records have been removed.  The file is compressed and has approximately 30MBytes in size, so please be a bit patient when downloading this file.

List of Places in Each State with Long, Lat and Distance Info

The following table shows coordinate information of all 50 States and the Capital District.  Click on the individual link to download list of places in each State with coordinate and distance information.

Each list contains Place Name, Longitude, Latitude and Distance to Capital City.  Due to file size (one State file can contain up to 106,000 unique places), each file is compressed (zipped).  Use your favorite Zip utility (such as WinZip) to open the file and extract the CSV data.

Coordinate Information for All States in the USA
State Name Abbreviation Latitude Longitude
Alabama AL 32.357 -86.2578
Alaska AK 58.3628 -134.5294
Arizona AZ 33.704 -112.3518
Arkansas AR 34.7483 -92.2819
California CA 38.3805 -121.5554
Colorado CO 39.7263 -104.8568
Connecticut CT 41.7801 -72.6771
Delaware DE 39.1564 -75.4955
District Of Columbia DC 38.9122 -77.0177
Florida FL 30.4286 -84.2593
Georgia GA 33.8444 -84.474
Hawaii HI 21.3278 -157.8294
Idaho ID 43.6038 -116.2729
Illinois IL 39.8 -89.6495
Indiana IN 39.775 -86.1093
Iowa IA 41.6727 -93.5722
Kansas KS 38.9881 -95.7807
Kentucky KY 38.2281 -84.8697
Louisiana LA 30.4492 -91.1856
Maine ME 44.3232 -69.7665
Maryland MD 38.9898 -76.5501
Massachusetts MA 42.3706 -71.027
Michigan MI 42.7039 -84.6228
Minnesota MN 44.9512 -93.0902
Mississippi MS 32.3205 -90.2076
Missouri MO 38.5462 -92.1525
Montana MT 46.6131 -112.0213
Nebraska NE 40.8651 -96.8231
Nevada NV 39.1507 -119.7459
New Hampshire NH 43.2185 -71.5277
New Jersey NJ 40.2805 -74.712
New Mexico NM 35.6975 -105.9821
New York NY 42.6149 -73.9708
North Carolina NC 35.7727 -78.6324
North Dakota ND 46.8234 -100.7748
Ohio OH 40.0999 -83.0157
Oklahoma OK 35.3513 -97.4953
Oregon OR 44.949 -123.004
Pennsylvania PA 40.2618 -76.8831
Rhode Island RI 41.8228 -71.4145
South Carolina SC 34.0004 -81.0334
South Dakota SD 44.3695 -100.3211
Tennessee TN 36.1657 -86.7781
Texas TX 30.3264 -97.7713
Utah UT 40.7559 -111.8967
Vermont VT 44.1991 -72.5596
Virginia VA 37.5593 -77.4471
Washington WA 47.0129 -122.8763
West Virginia WV 38.349 -81.6306
Wisconsin WI 43.0696 -89.4239
Wyoming WY 41.1437 -104.7962
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This download makes all distance files available easily to everyone, instead of downloading individual distance file for each state. People can get a quick idea of how long it might take to travel between the cities. CSV text format is used to support a wide range of software tools including MS Excel, Access or ACL. The distance charts are comprehensive and covers all 51 states and federal district. As a bonus, the database includes distance information to the Capital City for majority of places in the USA.