Distance Formula Calculator is used to calculate the distance between two locations on the coordinate system.  The calculator is developed using MS Excel VBA to calculate using latitude and longitude coordinates, based on Vincenty inverse formula for ellipsoids.

If you’d like to find coordinates for a certain location, city or town in the USA, you can download our data pack available in this link.  Alternatively, there is an excellent online tool to find latitude and longitude coordinates for a specific location.  Check this out.

Latitude and Longitude Calculator

Excel distance calculator is developed using Visual Basic macro.  For those who are not really into programming, we have made this tool as easy as possible to use (refer to screenshot below).  Just enter coordinates of two locations and press “Calculate” button to run the program and show the distance.  The coordinates must be entered in decimal unit.  Some examples are provided in the tool.  Distance is displayed in kilometer unit (km).

Distance Calculator

Excel Distance Calculator

This tool is written for users of Microsoft Excel version 2007, 2010 and 2013.  You must enable macro before running the tool.  Go to Excel Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings, then choose Enable all macros.  For security reason, you can disable this setting once you have finished using the tool.

To download the spreadsheet, follow easy instructions below.  The file is clean and has been scanned for viruses including security checked for malicious code using Virus Total.  Here is the scan report.

If you are a geek, feel free to look at the VB code and make modifications as you like.  You can copy the distance calculation script and use it for other purposes such as bulk distance calculation.